The history of Hawthorn Vets

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Hawthorn vets has been in existence since 1985, but not wasn’t originally known as such. 

Below is a history of how the practice has evolved.

A veterinary practice was opened at our site in Partridge Green in the Old Bakehouse in 1985. Prior to that the building was used as a Drapers shop. The vet at the time was Dick Williams and the surgery occupied one half of the existing veterinary practice, while Dick and his wife lived in the other half. 

In 1993, the practice was sold to husband and wife team, Malcolm and Jennie Wild, and it was known as MG and JM Wild veterinary surgeons.

Image: Partridge Green in the Old Bakehouse

In 1994, Malcolm and Jennie acquired the Henfield branch was was formerly know as Crossways. At the time, the surgery was located in Furners Lane in Henfield.

In 1995, they converted the rest of the ground floor of the old Bakehouse into the veterinary surgery (currently reception area and consulting rooms), while the upstairs was used as a flat for a veterinary surgeon.

Partridge Green in the Old BakehouseHenfield at Wantley Cottages

In 1998 Malcolm and Jennie changed the name of the practice to what we now all know - Hawthorn Vets!

In 2006, Malcom and Jennie relocated the Henfield branch to Wantley cottages on the London road.

Image: Henfield at Wantley Cottages

In 2012, Malcom and Jennie sold the practice to Jonathan and Annelise Underwood. Jonathan was well known to them, having worked at the practice on two previous occasions. Malcolm remained working as a vet for a further two years before officially retiring to Devon in 2015.

In 2019, we relocated Henfield for a third time into what was the Barclays Bank in Henfield High Street. The interior of the building was purpose designed as a veterinary practice and took over as our main site from Partridge Green.

Image: Henfield Relocation

We continue to maintain and develop our practices and equipment and most recently completely refurbished the reception and consulting rooms at Partridge Green in February 2022.

Image: Patridge Green Refurbishment

Henfield RelocationPartridge green refurbishment
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