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Jonathan's Blog

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We hope you enjoy these articles, many are written "tongue in cheek", but also provide helpful information relating to the topic in question!

"Always Focus on the job in hand!" - Problems with poo? We've got you covered!

"Where did those 10 years go?" - The 1st April 2012 marks 10 years since Jonathan and Annelise took over at Hawthorn Vets...

"Always bet on Labrador" - Who ate the chocolates?

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" - The repercussions of a visit to Hamleys....

"A stitch in time 2021" - A painful reminder of why "Buster collars" are necessary!

"Alas, poor pet passport!" - Brexit effects on pet travel
"Lock down but not out!" - Clients are welcome back in the practice!

"Video killed the radio star" - Video consultations arrive at the practice

"It's all been worth the grief!" - How do the 5 stages of grief compare to opening a veterinary practice?

"Through the Keyhole" - Did Lloyd Grossman care about hallway tiling back in the 80s?

"Deal or No-Deal?" - Brexit - sorry to bring it up again, but what happens to pet travel if don't get a deal?!?

"Don't make a promise you can't keep!" - Be more considerate of those aches and pains...

"Breeding from your dog - what you need to think about" - Thinking of breeding from your dog? (or getting an unplanned puppy!)

"The best things come in small packages" - Birthday presents and veterinary equipment - is size an indicator of desirability?!?

"Run Robla Run" - The running machine is small fry compared to the epic journey of Rob Pope...

"Calendar Pets" - Are charity calendars all they are cracked up to be?!?

"Don't drink yellow rain" - the trials and tribulations of camping...

"Bean to cup is out, vet to door is in! - what to do when your coffee machine breaks...

"Hello Treacle" - when junior cookery and a labrador mix!

"Getting off on the right paw" - Puppy School and a first day at school, how similar are they?!?

"Don't put a tick in that box!" - An update on Pet Travel and the recent tick outbreak.

"Fido-go or Fido-stay" - Will Brexit affect the dog population?!?

"Feeling Chipper?" - An update on the changes to the law involving microchipping of dogs

"Puppy Pitfalls" - How similar is getting a new puppy to buying a new car?!?

"A Stitch in Time" - What happens when vets don't follow their own advice!

"Pet Insurance, the Mysteries Explained" - Article explaining some of the common pet insurance terms

"Christmas is coming" - Article highlighting some of the more common dietary issues that pets suffer at this time of year.

"Don't bit the hand that fixes you" - Fond memories of various near bite scenarios!

"A paw to cry on" - Can Pets reduce stress?

"Ageing and your pet" - Common signs to look out for as your pet grows older.

"Remember, Remember your pet this November" - How to help those pets who are stressed by fireworks.

"The first family pet" - Advice on which species and breed is best for you!

"These leads are meant for walking!" - How to cope if your dog is aggressive towards others on a walk.

"Puppy Fat and Feline Flab" - How to get an overweight pet to lose weight!

"How clean is your (pet's) mouth" - Signs that your pet may have a dental problem and how to treat it.

"The trials and tribulations of travel" - What's easier pet travel or baby travel?!?