Please note, that as advised by the Britsih Veterinary Association, we are not seeing any routine appointments. For this reason, we have disabled the online booking facility so that we can triage appointments. Please contact us if you would like to book an appointment or seek advice.

Important information regarding the Pet Portal and online booking:

  • If you have not used the service before, you will need to set up a password to log in.
  • When selecting your appointment, you will see the name of the consulting veterinary surgeon next to the allotted time. 
  • Appointment lengths vary from 10-20 minutes depending on reason. If you have multiple pets or require a longer appointment, then please do not book online and instead  contact us by phone. 
  • You cannot book appointments for operations and procedures online - this will still need to be done via the phone. 
  • Please only register as a "new to the practice" if you have NEVER been to the practice before. Your details will already be registered if you have been to the practice before - you will not need to re-register.
  • Please note - we do have emergency slots every day which are not available for online booking. If your pet needs an appointment sooner than is available online, then please contact us by phone and we can arrange one.

If you cannot see the online booking links below, check the content is not being blocked by your internet browser.

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