Emergencies and Out of Hours Care

Emergencies and Out of Hours Care

During our normal opening hours please let us know you are on your way with an emergency and you will be given priority.

Outside of our normal hours, we feel it is important to have specialist 24-hour care for emergencies and critically ill patients and therefore have an arrangement with the PETS emergency treatment service. They are able to provide advice and support over the telephone or see your animal if required.

If you have an emergency out of hours or need out of hours advice our normal numbers will be diverted to PETS.
You can contact PETS directly on 01273 566993 or 

The Veterinary Hospital
The Deneway
London Road

PETS covers emergencies after 7.00pm on weekdays and after 3.00pm on Saturdays until Monday morning. To see a guideline of PETS consultation prices, click here.

Home visits are also available out of our normal working hours. Just contact PETS and they will be able to arrange this via a local Vet who specialises in home visits out of hours.