Equipment and Technology


Both practices are equipped with the latest haematology and biochemistry analysers. These machines enable us to run many blood tests at the practice and obtain the results within a few minutes in some cases. We can also look at cell samples, urine samples and skin samples using our laboratory equipment. Our  branch in Partridge Green benefits  from the sedivue - a state of the art machine for analysing  urine - it uses facial recognition software to identify crystals, cells and  bacteria in urine!

Some samples are sent to an external laboratory for testing. We have a courier service allowing many results to be received the next day.

Dental equipment

The dental treatment room at Partridge Green  has a bespoke stainless steel tub sink specifically for dental work. We have a dental machine with an ultrasonic de-scaler and air powered instruments for tooth extractions and polishing. A scale and polish can help prevent potentially painful dental problems and tooth loss.The tub-sink is also equipped with a shower head so we can clean-up particularly dirty patients!

Dentals can also be carried out at Henfield, which  is equipped with the same descalers and air-powered instruments as Partridge Green.


We have a modern X-ray facility with lead-lined walls and have the digital X-ray equipment which enables us to take high quality images of your pet. Pets are often sedated or anaesthetised to take X-rays, and the X-ray room is equipped with the same anaesthetic facilities as our other operating areas.

X-rays are useful for diagnosing numerous conditions, such as enlargement of the heart, as well as for looking at the skeleton. We are able to take X-rays for the BVA/Kennel Club hip and elbow schemes.


Our high quality colour Doppler ultrasound machines complement our X-ray facilities in gaining diagnostic images of you pet. Ultrasound is an essential diagnostic tool and is invaluable for imaging the heart and abdominal contents. We use ultrasound to assess many problems including those related to the heart (echocardiography), heart problems (echocardiograms) liver, bladder, kidney, prostate and intestinal disease. Ultrasound is also used to assess tumours, collect fluid samples from within the body and pregnancy diagnosis.

We have recently upgraded our ultrasound scanner which is equipped with ECG and specialist cardiology probes to help with the assessment of heart conditions. Both Henfield and Partridge Green are equipped with ultrasound machines.


We have a full tower of laparoscopic equipment at Hawthorn Vets. Rather than a larger, midline, incision, laparoscopy spays are performed via two or three smaller incisions. A camera and the laparoscopic instruments are then passed through ports in the incisions and abdominal cavity can be viewed via a monitor.Laparoscopy is most commonly used for "keyhole" spays in bitches, but can also be used for other procedures such as cryptorchid (retained testicle) castration, gastropexy in large breed dogs to prevent gastric torsion (GDV) and to obtain biopsies from abdominal organs, such as the liver, via a minimally invasive route. It’s very useful equipment!


We have a fibre-optic endoscope enabling us to non-invasively take a look inside your pet’s gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. In some circumstances the endoscope can be use to take small biopsies and we have used it successfully to help us remove oesophageal foreign bodies in dogs.

Blood pressure

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is an increasingly recognised problem especially in older cats. Both practices have are equipped with blood pressure monitoring equipment in the form of a "Petmap" blood pressure monitor. In addition, Partridge Grren has a "doppler" machine which is useful for smaller and exotic pets.


We have extensive ophthalmology equipment for detailed examination of the eye such as tonometry. Our operating facilities include micro-surgical instruments to perform delicate surgery on the eye and its surrounding structures.


Our ECG machine helps us investigate heart disease, giving us information on the electrical impulses within the heart. It can also help treat conditions elsewhere in the body, for example following trauma. We have both digital and paper ECG machines.