Practice Facilities


The reception areas at both surgeries are accessible and open plan with a range of pet products and food on display. Staff are always on hand to advise you on pet care issues and to make the visit as stress-free as possible for both owner and pet.

Our Henfield surgery has a separate area where cats and their owners can wait away from dogs.

Both surgeries are fully computerised; all your records can be accessed at either surgery.

Consulting rooms

All consulting rooms are fully equipped. We have two at Partridge Green and one at our Henfield branch. Every pet brought in is examined thoroughly and your concerns and observations will be discussed during your appointment.

We will always involve you in any decisions about your pet’s health


The pharmacies at both branches are well stocked, enabling an immediate start to therapy. The practice offers an efficient repeat prescription service

Preparation room

The preparation area is used for preparing animals for surgery as well as for minor and non-sterile procedures such as blood sampling, administering treatments and grooming. Our preparation rooms are equipped with the same anaesthetic equipment as our operating theatres.

Operating theatre

The operating theatre is a dedicated area for performing sterile surgery in a clean and safe environment.

Our operating theatres are equipped with modern anaesthetic equipment and electronic monitors which allow us to check multiple parameters during your pet's procedure to ensure optimum levels  of safety. We can monitor blood pressure, ECG, oxygen saturation, temperature, carbon dioxide levels (capnography) heart rate and respiratory rate.

We use anaesthetic agents that ensure the highest patient safety.


We have three hospitalisation areas at the Partridge Green surgery. We have dedicated dog and cat wards which allows for a much calmer enviroment for nervous pets. Our third kennel area means that we can separate any particularly noisy patients! Our kennels are comfortable and warm and plenty of close supervision from our nursing team is on hand for our inpatients. The new kennel room at Henfield has 3 small and 2 large kennels.

Should we feel your animal needs to be hospitalised overnight we generally keep them at our Partridge Green surgery for ongoing care. However if constant monitoring and full 24 hour care is required we may suggest transferring your pet to our out-of-hours provider, PETS in Patcham.