10% Discount on HPM lifestage diets in June

10% Discount on HPM Lifestage Diets in June

In June we are running a promotion on the Veterinary HPM diet which we are very pleased to stock. Veterinary HPM is based on a unique high protein, low carbohydrate formulation which has been specifically developed to provide the closest match to the nutritional needs of your carnivore! As a result it is VERY palatable and even the fussiest pets seem to love it! It is also hypoallergenic and free from beef, dairy, lamb, fish, egg, wheat, maize, soya and gluten. You can find out more detailed information about the diet by clicking here.


Veterinary HPM is reasonably priced with costs per day around 99p for a 20kg dog or 39p for a 4kg adult neutered cat. Additionally, we offer a loyalty scheme where every 6th bag is free (equivalent to 15% discount). If your pet is a member of our practice health plan, they get 10% off all HPM diets as well! You can see a detailed breakdown of the costs per day by clicking here (these costs are before any discounts are applied).

If you would like to trial your pet on Veterinary HPM, or would like more information then please contact us and one of our staff will be happy to advise you. It's also worth knowing that if your pet is one of the few who doesn't like Veterinary HPM, you can return the bag for a full refund!