Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update (5th June 2020)

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

In line with British Veterinary Assocation Guidance we are looking to resume provision of a more normal range of services while continuing to maintain as safe an environment as possible for our staff and our clients. At the same time we have also had to consider the potential impact of the track and trace system on the services that we offer. The result is that while we are very pleased to be able to offer more services as detailed below, we still have to operate under some considerable constraints. We hope that you can bare with us during this time of transition.

Routine Appointments, Operations and Procedures

We have been offering vaccinations for puppies, kittens and pets who are 3 months or more overdue on vaccinations over the past few weeks. If your pet is due vaccination, we will contact you by phone to arrange an appointment - please do not contact us as we are working through the vaccinations in order of due date. We are currently booking in vaccinations which were due in April and so will hopefully be up to date soon.

From 15th June, we will resume routine operations and procedures. We have a waiting list of requested routine procedures and will contact clients in order to arrange an appointment. Special consideration will be made for bitch spays in relation to the time of season. If you would like to book your pet in for neutering, dental work or another non urgent procedure, please get in touch with us by phone or email and we can arrange a booking.

Nurse appointments are back

Our experienced team of nurses are on hand for claw clips, anal glands, blood pressure checks, wound checks, dressing changes and much more. Many of these services are free if your pet is on our practice health plan.

Partridge Green is open again!

From Monday 8th June, our practice in Partridge Green will be open again. The practice has never before been shut and so it we are very pleased to open the doors once again.

For the time being, Partridge Green will be open between 8.30am and 5.30pm and we will predominantly be offering routine appointments and procedures such as vaccinations, neutering and dentals as per above.

You will be able to collect food and medications from Partridge Green by pre arranged appointment as we currently do at Henfield.