Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update 24th March 2020

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update

The Government has stressed the need to limit travel anywhere to a minimum and this includes the veterinary practice. For this reason, with immediate effect, we are making changes to comply with this process, while doing our utmost to provide veterinary care for your pets to the best of our ability.

In order to reduce the number of staff we have working at any time, from Wednesday 25th March, our branch in Partridge Green will be closed until further notice.

 Routine Appointments at the practice

  • In line with Government and British Veterinary Association recommendations, we are NO LONGER performing any routine services.
  • This now includes ALL vaccinations, including 1st and 2nd vaccinations and 1st annual boosters. If you have a puppy or kitten, you need to keep them confined to your property until restrictions are lifted. For older pets, we would not routinely restart a vaccination course unless the vaccines were overdue by 3-6 months, so while we appreciate that it is far from ideal to postpone vaccinations, the risk to an adult pet if they are overdue vaccination by 3-6 months is very low and has to be balanced against the risk of you attending the practice. If your pet does need to restart the vaccination course we will be offering the 2nd vaccination FREE OF CHARGE when we are able to do so. Please rest assured that we will keep monitoring the situation and will restart these services as soon as it's safe for both you and us.

We have a seprate page detailing specifc advice on vaccinations at this time. Please click here to view it.

 Urgent Appointments at the practice

  • If your pet has an urgent problem or an emergency, please call us – do not just attend the practice with no appointment.
  • You can no longer visit the veterinary practice unless you have contacted us and we have scheduled an appointment.

  • Once you have a scheduled appointment, call us when you arrive. We will take your pet from you at the entrance to the practice and treat them appropriately – this may require admitting your pet for investigations or possibly an operation depending on what is required. It may be that you go home while this undertaken and we contact you to arrange a time to collect your pet later in the day.

Other Appointments or Advice

  • We are now offering online video consultations with a vet (or by phone if you are unable to conduct a video consultation).
  • You will soon be able to book these online and we will let you know as soon as this is available. Until then, please email us at or call us on 01273 495227 to book a time. Our preferred platform is zoom– we can talk you through the simple process and set up an invitation for a video consultation if you require one.

  • We’ll discuss your pet’s condition and if possible make an assessment and advise how to treat it. Medication may be dispensed.

  • If we deem necessary we may advise that an appointment at the practice is required and we will schedule one.

  • The cost of a video consultation is £30 (or £27 to health plan members). If you need a subsequent consultation at the practice, this is an additional charge of £11.35.


  • You can no longer come to the practice to collect repeat prescriptions– these will be posted or delivered to you.
  • If you live within 5 miles of our branch in Henfield, we will to deliver medications to your door FREE of CHARGE. See here for a list of villages we will deliver to.
  • If you live further afield, we will post medications to you by recorded delivery and the cost of postage will be added to the cost of the medication. Postage is Free if your pet is on the health plan.
  • Please give us at least 5 days notice if you need more medication to allow time to order and deliver post you medication.
  • If possible please order a 3 month supply  at one time so that we can limit the number of deliveries and packages.
  • If we have dispensed medications for your pet as a result of a video consultation and they need collecting promptly, we will contact you to schedule a time to collect the medications. We will take payment over the phone at the time of booking and then hand the products to you at the door when you arrive.


  • If you live within 5 miles of our Henfield branch, we will deliver it to your door FREE of CHARGE. See here for a list of villages we will deliver to.
  • Please note, we can order most brands through our wholesaler, so if you cannot get a pet food via your normal channels, let us know and we may well be able to help.
  • If you live further afield, you will need to collect it from the practice. Please call us and we will contact you to schedule a time to collect the food. We will take payment over the phone at the time of booking and then hand the food to you at the door when you arrive.
In conclusion, we know that things aren't easy, but we also know that keeping the whole family healthy including (pet name/s) is of utmost importance to us all at the moment. Many of you are working from home, practicing social distancing or self-isolating due to illness. Many of you will also have children spending more time at home than usual at this time. Since you’re unable to visit the practice, we've taken these steps to help out. We've had a lot of questions about how this can impact our pets. We will be regularly keeping in touch with you to answer these and to let you know any changes in the practice, and to the way we do things.

 If you have any questions or would just like some advice, please contact us on and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.