Covid Update 14th July 2021

Covid update 14th July 2021

It is great news that things are beginning to return to normal as restrictions are lifted. However, while social distancing rules will be removed from 19th July, the test and trace system remains in place until 16th August.

Because our staff are working in close contact with each other, the test and trace system has proved to be particularly problematic over the past few weeks - especially as Covid cases have begun to rise. In the past two weeks, five members of staff have been forced to self isolate with subsequent disruption to staffing levels and the services that we provide. We also still have a significant number of staff who are yet to receive their second vaccinations, and so are still at risk of contracting the virus.

For these reasons, from the 19th July, we'll continue to insist that you wear a mask when you come into the practice (unless you are exempt). We'll still be allowing one person only to come into the practice per consultation and your pet will be held by another member of staff for any examination so that we can continue to maintain a 1m + distance. However, we will no longer be limiting the number of people who can come into the waiting room to "one in - one out".

Once all our staff are fully vaccinated, and assuming there is no government guidance to the contrary, then we will return to "normal" when clients can hold their own pets during a consultation and masks will not be mandatory in the practice. We anticipate this to be towards the end of August.

We hope you can understand that we have to continue to be careful to reduce social contact as much as is practical to do so, hence the need to continue with the above measures for a while longer. We would like to thank you for your patience over the past 18 months and we very much look forward to a return to normality - the end is in sight!