Guidance for visting Hawthorn Vets during Covid-19 restrictions

Guidance on visiting the practice during Covid-19 restrictions.

Please note, it is especially helpful if you can be available on your mobile phone when after you arrive. It means we can contact you if you are waiting in your car.

1.       Any client with symptoms of Covid-19 or who is Covid-19 Positive is not allowed in the building.

2.      Only one client per appointment is allowed in the building.

3.       Clients must wear a face mask at all times when inside the practice unless you are unable to wear a face covering due to exemptions (you will need to provide evidence that you are exempt)

5.       In order to maintain a minimum 1m distance, there are designated areas within the consulting rooms which clients must stay in.

6.       Because pets cannot be held at distance of 1m, pets will be held by a member of staff while any examinations are performed, not by a client.

7.       Clients still have the option of not coming into the practice if you wish – you can wait in the car and we can speak over the phone and collect your pet from the car park.

We feel this is the best compromise of delivering as normal a service as possible whilst adhereing to guidance and maintaing the safety of our staff and you, our clients. We appreciate your understanding of all the changes we have had to adopt to date and we all look forward to a return to normality. You can view our latest update on how we are working as a result of Covid restrictions  by clicking here.