New Laboratory Equipment for Analysing Urine

We are very pleased to inform you that we have recently invested in the latest laboratory equipment for analysing urine samples. Urine samples are easy and non-invasive to obtain and urinalysis enables us to quickly assess for problems such as kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, urinary tract infections and other lesions within the urinary tract such as bladder tumours and crystals.

To promote  the new equipment, we are offering FREE urine tests for any Practice Health Plan members and discounted urine tests for senior pets at the time of vaccination (see below).

The new analyser is called the "Sedivue". It represents the latest in technology for the analysis of urine samples and has only been available in the UK for a few months.

It works by processing multiple magnified images of a urine sample and using software similar to facial reccognition is able to identify bacteria, crystals, cells and casts within the urine.

The Sedivue compliments our already extensive range of laboratory equipment. It means that we can diagnose and treat many problems within minutes if the situation demands it.

Free/Discounted Urine Tests

If your pet is a member of the Practice Health Plan, they are now entitled to one FREE urine test every year. We suggest bringing a urine sample with you to either the vaccination or 6 month health check appointments for a routine urine screen. The cost of this test is normally £32.00.

If your pet is over 8 years old and a non Health Plan member, we are offering DISCOUNTED urine tests at the time of vaccination. Just bring a urine sample with you to the vaccination and you'll only be charged the discounted rate of £18.00 (normally £32.00).

Both urine tests include gross examination, dipstick, specific gravity and microscopic analysis via the new sedivue analyser and represent great value.

We hope you appreciate the additional services that we are able to offer by investing in new equipment - please contact us if  you would like to discuss anything or for more information.