December and January Dental Offer

December and January Dental Offer!

In the months of December and January we are running a fixed price dental promotion again - £140 for a cat, £180 for a dog <20kgs and 200 for a dog >20kgs. This price includes the anaesthetic, descale, polish and all extractions required and represents an excellent saving! (Depending on the procedure, antibiotics and pain relief may be required which is not included in the fixed price).

If your pet is on our Practice Health Plan, they will receive a further 10% discount and a free blood health screen worth £54*! You can sign up to the health plan at the time of the dental procedure and still benefit from these additional discounts.

Additionally, we’re offering 30% discounts on Hills td food and any pet tooth cleaning product to any pet which has received a dental. Help keep those teeth clean!

So, if you think your pet's breath smells, now is the time to do something about it! If you just want to get a dental check up and some advice, we offer FREE appointments with our nurses. Just contact us on the usual number if you would like to book your pet in for a dental.

*Only one blood health screen is available per plan year per pet