Treating Your Pet

Emergencies and out of hours care

During normal opening hours please let us know you are on your way with an emergency and you will be given priority.

We feel it is important to have specialist 24-hour care for emergencies and critically ill patients and therefore have an arrangement with the PETS emergency treatment service. They are able to provide advice and support over the telephone or see your animal if required.

PETS, just off London Road, Patcham (North Brighton) covers emergencies after 7.00pm on weekdays and after 3.00pm on Saturdays until Monday morning.

For further details click here to visit the PETS website
Home visits are also available out of our normal working hours. Just contact PETS and they will be able to arrange this via a local Vet who specilises in home visits out of hours.

Contact PETS on  01273 566 993

Nurse clinics

Our fully qualified nurses hold daily clinics, during which they can help you with a range of issues including:

  • Weight loss for your pet
  • Dental health
  • Senior care
  • Puppy and kitten care
  • Diabetic animals
  • Behavioural problems such as a noise/firework phobia
  • Flea and worm control - including help giving worm tablets!
  • Suture removal
  • Dressing changes

Dietary advice

We stock the Virbac HPM range of companion animal diets, competitively priced. We believe these diets provide the very best in nutrition for dogs and cats at all stages in their life. We also stock high-quality diets for rabbits and guinea pigs.

In addition, we stock a full range of ‘prescription diets’ that can be used in the management of several diseases.

Our staff are trained to advise you on your pet’s diet and to assist you in making the right diet choice for your pet.

Click here for more information on Veterinary HPM.

Puppy parties

We hold free weekly puppy socialisation parties at our Henfield surgery. These provide an ideal opportunity for your puppy to get used to visiting the vets and also learn vital social skills.

We are able to advise on diets, routine treatments (e.g. worm and flea prevention) and behavioural problems (e.g. noise phobias, separation anxiety and dominance issues), as well as the general care of your puppy during these sessions.

Home visits 

At Hawthorn Vets, we are happy to provide a home visit service to all of our clients in our veterinary ambulance. The visit service is available during surgery hours on weekdays and in special circumstances on saturdays. We also offer a discounted visit service for prebooked visits on certain days. You can find out more about the visit service by clicking here.

For same day visits, we would be grateful if you can request the  visit before 10am on any given day - this allows us to plan ahead and arrange a convenient time for the visit to take place. Visits on saturdays and are more difficult to arrange as the satff on duty also have to provide emergency cover at the practice - availability will depend on the situaution on any given day. Please note that many illnesses are often better diagnosed and treated with the facilities at our surgery. We can advise you on the best approach when you contact us.

Pet passports

Changes to the Pet Travel Scheme in January 2012 mean that it is now even easier to obtain a passport for your pet. Once a microchip has been implanted and a rabies vaccination has been administered, one of our LVI certified vets can issue a passport. We can also advise on any other aspect of pet travel including requirements for returning to the UK.


Sadly a time may come when your pet needs to be put to sleep. We know how distressing this can be and will always do our best to help and support you.

When the time comes, let the receptionist know you feel your pet may need to be put to sleep – we can often save an awkward wait. Many people prefer their pet to be put to sleep at home, which can be arranged.

Should you wish, we can arrange for the cremation of your pet with or without the return of their ashes.

Fees and insurance

There is no NHS for pets. We rely on our fees to fund the necessary staff and facilities to provide the best possible treatment and personal care. We try to keep our fees competitive and are always happy to provide an estimate.

Many pet owners take out insurance policies to cover medical expenses if their pet becomes ill, is lost or is injured in an accident; these policies mostly apply to cats and dogs. However, remember that policies won't normally cover routine visits to the vet for treatments such as vaccinations or neutering.

There are very many companies offering pet insurance and we recommend that you do insure your pet. We have an arrangement with Petplan whereby we can in some circumstances arrange immediate insurance for your pet which is free for four weeks, but in general we are not allowed to make recommendations.

Insurance policies vary greatly and cheapest is not necessarily best for your pet. Be sure that you study the terms carefully so that you understand what you will be able to claim for and the rules that apply.

Generally, we request payment for all treatment on the day. If your pet is insured, all you need to do is submit a claim form to us - we will then process it so that payment is made back to you (your insurance excess will be deducted). In some circumstances we will offer a direct claim where we claim direct to the insurance company on your behalf. If you would like us to process a direct claim, this must be discussed before any treatment is given in order for us to check that we are able to do so. Please click here to see our policy on direct insurance claims. Other than in emergencies, we will of course discuss payment options before treatment begins

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