Travel Advice

Pet passports

Changes to the Pet Travel Scheme in January 2012 mean that it is now even easier to obtain a passport for your pet. Once a microchip has been implanted and a rabies vaccination has been administered, one of our LVI certified vets can issue a passport. You can then travel with your pet to any country within the Pet Travel scheme 21 days after the rabies vaccination. Before your return to the UK, you will need a certifed vet to adminster a tapeworming treatment to your dog or cat between 1 and 5 days before you travel. This will be done in the country your are travelling from. Depending on where and how you are travelling, a health check may also be required 2-3 days before you leave to confirm that your pet is healthy enough to travel to your intended destination.

We can also advise on any other aspect of pet travel including travel outside of the Pet Travel scheme and export of pets to other countries. There are specific requirements for many countries, some of which are complex and need to be undertaken many months before you travel, so it is best to contact us as soon as you have made the decision to export your pet or travel outside of the Pet Travel scheme and we can advise you how to proceed.

Brexit Update 2020

The Pet Travel scheme will remain unchanged until 31st December 2020. Until then, you can travel as per the above advice, after this point, the rules on pet travel may or may not change depending on the terms of the withdrawl negotiations. You can see current government advice by clicking here.